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"Mothers need just as much attention as newborns, for they too have been born"

Author unknown

Enrolling your child into Early Education for the first time can be scary. At Tom Thumb we like to think of it as a fun, getting to know you experience! We pride ourselves on our unique connection with the families in our care, and our community at large. This long term relationship begins with our enrolment process. 

During this process you will get familiar with our services and people, and ask any question, large or small that you may have. We will 'assist you' throughout all of the necessary steps, from enrolling, to accessing Childcare Subsidy, to orientation. 

Due to COVID restrictions on physical tours, so we have linked below images and videos of our long day care service, to give you an overview of who we are.

These videos are by no means professional - taken by our staff on an iPhone - but they are our attempt at reducing your uncertainty during a strange time. They are the beginning of the process where we welcome your family to ours. They are an example of both our adaptability and our understanding of the parental perspective. We hope that they suffice until we CAN welcome you for a tour, or your first day in care.

Virtual Tour - Ruby Road

Transparency and an open door policy is at the heart of what we do. If there is anything specific that you would to see, know, or have us expand on, please ask.

If you have not yet gotten in touch with us regarding enrolment for your child, and would like to enquire about availability and view these virtual tours, please email tomthumbkindy@gmail.com