Our Menu

Tom Thumb provides morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Fueling young minds and bodies is an important responsibility. As such, our six week rotational menu has been specially formulated in collaboration with nutritionists, dieticians and consultation of the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Using high quality, fresh ingredients, and a broad range of textures and flavours, these meals always meet- and often exceed- the latest nutritional guidelines for children in care

Sample Menu

What we eat

Dietary needs

Morning tea - Assorted rice and corn thins, cheese slices, assorted fruits and raw vegetables.

Lunch - Tsukeme Japanese chicken balls, edamame, miso broth and brown rice.

Afternoon Tea - Rice bean and beetroot dip with tortilla flat bread, assorted fruits and raw vegetables.

Our healthy and balanced meals include a variety of :

* Fresh vegetables and legumes

* Seasonal fruit

* Wholegrains and seeds

* Lean fresh meat and fish

* Dairy options

We cater to allergies, intolerances and religious and cultural considerations.

Please find our special dietary considerations form on our forms and resources page